Gold filings

Did someone say WALK????

Blogiary, gold filings is getting off to a slow start. I don’t believe that I am more technically challenged than the next guy, but oh, a user friendly mode is highly desirable. Like texting on the phone and have the auto-correct mess-up ever other word, grrrr. There is a learning curve on this platform.

Anyway, the blogger advisors are suggesting to find a theme, a topic or something you feel strong about and go for it. Another approach to teasing out the subject is to ask oneself, ” what can you talk about for thirty minutes?”

During my most useful problem solving time– that would be when I am walking my dog, Max– those pesky little (or not so little) undercurrents of brain activity stir around. I am always grateful when a golden filing, or nugget surfaces with some reasonable resolutions, conundrums or looniness. Flipping through big headlines– art, health, family, money, climate change–lies the real matter, sub-titles. A real mental stew.

I pay attention to the activity of neurotransmitter–you know, the feel good hormone– to evaluate the veracity of my feelings. Ok, I’m walking Max who is interminably slow. But, it’s his walk and if smelling every blade of grass to extract other members of his species, well, that’s ok. I’m putting his biological thing to my own use. Passing thoughts through this noggin, I look toward a burst of mental affirmations, the strongest feelings. Translated, “that idea works!” Happily, Max and I could get out of the rain.

So here goes, the brightest spark’s offering, of primal importance–today anyway. A gold filing….

What they don’t talk about” coming from a mature female voice on a TV commercial. “ Is of older women–all alone in their houses…” Ok, I’m listening….what is this self-identified condition? Geez, how bad can this ‘condition’ be? Is this a suicide prevention advertisement?

Then she pipes out “we aren’t going to take it—we don’t have to“, in a whiny voice. Whoah, a militant 60-70-something! This better be good; she has my attention!

Screen change to an over-dressed diva type sitting in an office chair, for the purpose of promoting ‘vein surgery, cosmetic surgery‘ !!!! This is the state of lonely older women? A preponderance of hidden shame due to the state of their veins??? The consensus I’m familiar with is, women of a certain age shutter their legs. End of crisis.

Now, off to find a real militant cause of at least a respectable gripe, that goes beyond the scrutiny of public gaze.