Somewhere between a blog and a diary

Gold Filings

Gold filings exists somewhere between a blog and a diary. The content ranges from that which I can effectively share with you based on a trifecta of experiences, ruminations and/or deliberations. Perhaps you will find a moment to pause for reflection, or will enlighten your day or even ruffle your dander to action. Which ever it is, I am fairy certain that there will be something for everyone.

This picture– a place marker for tales and trivia

Content intended to to grow with inspiration, dissidence, and mischievous intent.

Gold filings

What is meant by  ‘Golden Filings’ ?  As a sculptor knows, filings are the remnants dropped when creating a surface texture. As we age and become a member of unexplored categories, the filings we leave behind– gold filings– collected with care and appreciation for indeterminant value.